Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tips to Increase Your Blog's Traffic

From visiting Greatads, I click ourblogtemplates.com under that sites. Sightseeing the good and nice free blogger templates but unfortunately I don't know how to install that. So I just read some articles and I found this good for me and I hope for you bloggers. Here is the article:

Susan Gunelius at About.com shared 15 tips to increase your blog’s traffic. If your purpose in blogging is making money online, getting large traffic is a must. The problem with the blogosphere is that it has more than 100 million blogs. So, how can you make your blog visible? The essence of her tips is summarized here.

1. Write often and write well with quality and meaningful content to keep readers interested.

2. Submit blogs to search engines to make sure it is listed (it may take time for it to go up the list).

3. Link to others using Blogroll. Owners of the blogs you link to will most likely link to you back and have their visitors use the links to go to your blog.

4. Use comments efficiently. Increase your readers' loyalty by responding and interacting with your commenters. Leave thoughtful and relevant comments on other blogs to draw others to visit your blog.

5. Syndicate your blog using a feed so that others can get updates to your blog easily. (Read more on how to increase your subscribers.)

6. Use links and trackbacks. Links to your blogs are powerful 'vote of confidences' that are counted in ranking your blog. You can create internal links from your posts to your other posts too (works best when you use the right keywords to link). Trackbacks are links in other blogs’ comments that link back to your blog. They’re created when you link to these blogs' posts in your posts. Some blogs either don't have or don’t allow trackbacks to appear.

7. Add tags to your posts. Tags increase the chance of others finding your content in search engines.

8. Submit your posts to Social Bookmarking sites (Digg, StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us, Reddit, etc). If your posts are excellent, others will vote for them as well and make them more visible to other millions of readers.

9. Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Use the right and relevant keywords relevant that can draw large number of readers to your posts. Using keywords that’s not searched often will decrease visibility of your blogs in search engines.

10. Use images with the right keywords. Other people don't just search for contents, they search for images too!

11. Try to write posts in other blogs as a guest blogger. The more popular those blogs are, the more traffic they’ll send to your blog.

12. Participate in forums and social networking with people of relevant interest.

13. Promote your blog outside the blogosphere. Add your blog URL in your email signature or business cards. Basically, tell others about it.

14. Nominate yourself (or other blogs) for blog awards to get more attention to your blog.

15. Don't be shy to do all of the above.

Source: http://www.ourblogtemplates.com

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