Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stop dreaming just action!

By: Mochamad Ismail
Untill now I still don't know what I should do best in blogging. It's already 4 - 5 months I involved with blogging's world. Of course as a newbie I hope I could earn money from blog. But How could?

I had tried to create some blogs as my My experience and ability in advertising. Those blogs are , ,

With those blog I hope I could blaze the way in making money from blog. I had put Google adsense in my blogspot blog. I already sacrifice money, time and mind to blog. What the result? Untill now my account in Google adsense is still $0. hihihik.... So sad! But I won't give up!I'm sure it's still the beginning and there is still long way to get success.

But among bad news there are still some good news which I should thanks to God that I still get some money from my afiliate program formulabisnis and Panduan Dasar Membuat Website. Thanks God!

There are some best advices I got from bloggers arund the world such as Darren Rowse ( ) , Jeremy Schoemaker ( ), Yaro starak ( ), John Cow blogger ( ), Indonesian bloggers such as Jacky Supit ( ), Joko Susilo ( ), Cosa Aranda ( ), Welly Mulia ( ), Nurudin Jauhari ( ), Budi Putra (, and blogging network Asia Blogging Network (ABN) said:

" pleasure, enjoy and don't think about making money from blog. Just do what you like, write something you interest, and better things write something useful foe people, give, give and give don't think about the result..."

I know and realize that it's a good advice and already done by many succesful bloggers around the world. So, stop dreaming, just action!!!

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