Monday, September 29, 2008

Make money from blog is easy

By: Mochamad Ismail
The title of this article seems make you "surprised. Easy money from blog! I tell you the truth that is "NOT EASY"!!! The title above is just my wish, my willingness, my ambition. The fact, I'd tried to create some blogs in english contents just want to get "Google adsense". My blog already added "ads by Google". But a fact untill now I don't get any money from it. Everytime I check my account at Google adsense the result is $0. There must be something wrong with that blog! But what!

Content? Template design? SEO? Traffic? What else...?

But I'm not a person who easy give up. I won't give up easily! I have to analyze what the problem inside of my blog.

I tell the truth that the most contents of that blog ( from free article. It means the article is not original of my thinking, not my idea it just copy paste. So what the impact to SEO is they don't recognize well because there are so many blogs used the same way, copy paste from free article. Eventhough there are some articles I write my self, my idea, based on my experiences. But it's not strong enough.

The second problem is I'm not active to update that blog. Of course, SEO doesn't like that.

About template. I don't think template is the problem. If people like and need the content, they don't care about template design, isn't it?

So, from now on I have to be on my own thinking, my own idea, my own copywriting to blog. For reaching my ambition to make money from blog it's the onlyy way.

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