Monday, September 29, 2008

The logic of making money from blog

By: Mochamad Ismail
To convince people about making money from blog is not as easy as you tell about selling a bread in off line business. As my experience when I tried to make my friends believe that you can make money from blog. They don't believe!

I show them my Afiliate program I joined that is "Formula bisnis" (Indonesian version). I just resell the ebook of formula bisnis and I get 50% commission fee.
I promote formula bisnis in my blog I told them that I have got some money just from promoting the afiliate program. But, of course I have to write articles and active in posting or update blog in order to get traffic (visitors) to my blog.

In my some article What I write is just convince that ebook formula bisnis is worth to read to help you a beginner in online business in order to know much what online business is and how to get action of earning money from internet. And make sense of course as the other success bloggers.

Afiliate program is a very simple way to earn money from internet. There still many other ways we can earn. Some of them are PPC (Pay Per Click), PTC (Pay To Click), and Paid Review.

The KEYS are good blog (good contents) and high traffic, When we reach these, we will have more opportunities to earn money from blog . Why?

The more traffic visit our blog the more chances our ad (PPC) are clicked. But of course to get more traffic is not easy. It need good contents which will be read by people. It's the challenge as a blogger who want money blogging. Write more articles will be read!

Let's say we have "free magazine" which given free to people around our neighbor. Day by day and in the 5th edition the readers of our magazine are increased because the contents are good and needed by them. Of course there some advertisers would like to promote their product in our free magazine, right? Of course, they must pay us as a publisher. It's jus the same with internet by blog, right?

Ok, that's it my article about money blogging. If there is something wrong or you have another opinion please submit. Cheers!

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